25 июля 2024

How to get from New York airport to Manhattan

New York airport Typically, most international flights arrive at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK. This is a huge modern airport for 8 terminals, between which runs the train (Airtrain). Despite the busyness and scale of the JFK airport, it is quite easy to navigate there.

Since most of the tourists arriving in New York stop in Manhattan, and most of the attractions are also there, consider how you can get from JFK Airport to Manhattan.
Here there are options — from the usual and, incidentally, a convenient metro to a fast and cheap helicopter.

Well, as for the helicopter — then if you really want it, you need it very quickly and do not consider the means. Then yes — beautifully and without traffic jams you will be delivered to Manhattan. Pleasure, of course, is not cheap. According to information on the website of the company New York Helicopter, a one way transfer costs $ 1750.

And now about car rental. In New York, it makes sense to take a car for hire, only if you plan to travel outside the city or will move much where there is a poorly developed public transport network. Then it is justified.

If you want to see the city, its attractions and the main place of stay will be Manhattan, it is much more convenient to use the metro or taxi. In New York, not infrequent traffic jams, traffic is quite stressful (especially in the center), it is difficult to find a parking lot, and if you find it, it is not cheap. In general, it is better not to create unnecessary problems.

One of the most convenient options for getting from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan (or any other point of the city) is a taxi.

A taxi ride to Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens goes by the counter. But for the passage from the airport JFK to any point in Manhattan — a fixed fee of $ 52 + toll road / tunnels (about $ 8) + tip 15-20%.

Interestingly, a fixed amount is valid only until the first stop in Manhattan. Then the meter is turned on. That is, if, for example, the company of friends live in different parts of the city, the total transfer amount will be higher.

Another good option is to contact the ny limo airport service, where you will be allocated a premium car that will completely at your disposal.

There is another version of the transfer from the airport of New York to Manhattan — a bus, or it is also called shuttle-bus (shuttle-bus).
It is much cheaper than a taxi, but stops more, accordingly, it goes longer.

Well, the cheapest option to get to Manhattan from the airport in New York is the metro. Pros — as already said, its value, as well as a guarantee that you will not be stuck in a traffic jam (especially this is actual in the case of «from Manhattan to the airport», when, as a rule, everyone is in a hurry). Of the minuses — you can get a long time; if a lot of luggage, sometimes it is inconvenient to make transplants; if the hotel is not near the subway, you still have to get to it.