25 мая 2024

Services of SMS-mailing and their features

In the modern world, Internet resources, as well as mailing lists, are practically the main sales resource. Manually sending out a mailing is a waste of a huge amount of time and resources. This is where SMS messaging services come to the rescue. They simplify the work of many companies SMS aggregator software, and therefore become simply irreplaceable.

Today, almost everyone in everyday life uses such messengers as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. This does not mean that we do not read messages on the phone. On the contrary, on a subconscious level, it is a «call» about the importance of the message. Why? Remember how long ago you communicated with your friend by means of regular SMS messages on your phone? We didn’t remember, because basically, these are notifications from the bank about the receipt of funds, reports and notifications about previously submitted applications. Agree, you will surely read the message flashing on your phone screen. Therefore, we believe that business is simply obliged to use such an important tool in its work.

A year ago, our team already conducted a review of SMS services. However, technologies do not stand still, so we returned to this topic again. What are services in SMS mailing today? Let’s look at it in order.

SMS services still offer many different filters and settings, where it is possible to select a time zone, operator, etc. Tariffication on services depends on the number of SMS sent, the amount of top-up balance, as well as the choice of the channel for sending. According to the need, the right to choose, according to a suitable SMS aggregator and a comfortable tariff plan.

It is important that the work in the service is always as clear and accessible to use as possible. The main sections of personal accounts should contain a detailed description of the service and steps to create mailings.

We have studied the main points of the work of popular resources, considered the characteristics of each of the services. Now I would like to highlight the list of functions that each mailing service should have to increase its efficiency.

1. Convenient tariff scale — understandable. Diverse. This will allow you to choose a suitable tariff and not be afraid of pitfalls;
2. The ability to quickly conclude an agreement;
3. Integration with various systems and sites;
4. Competent technical support to get an answer to an urgent question;
5. Moderation no more than an hour;
6. Instant moderation to send the newsletter after creation, and not in the morning or on Monday;
7. Several mailing options in one tariff plan to send messages through different channels to one contact base;
8. Ability to test the service to study and evaluate the work.